Clearing Out the Old for a Car Boot Sale

I have moved around a lot over the last few years, each time I’ve moved I’ve cleared out at least a large bin bag full of clothes for charity plus a couple more bags of rubbish.  However, I still seem to have a whole load of “stuff”, anyone else seem to have this problem?  I’m not sure how I’ve accumulated it all, I mean last year I did a five month ski season, I came back with an extra bag full of stuff, and I don’t mean a tesco’s carrier, I mean like a full on sports bag weighing about 18kgs!!  My mum had sent me out a couple of extra kilos of clothes but how I managed to have that much more stuff I have NO idea!

Anyway, before I started moving around for work, seasons etc I put a fair amount of my stuff into storage.  I have pretty much everything you need to kit out a kitchen, bar the kitchen sink and then a HUGE collection of books which I’ve clearly not been too bothered about since getting a kindle  over two years ago, a couple of random pieces of furniture and oh, a brand new dog kennel. (that’s another very sad story, we wont go there!  (However if you would like to buy a flat pack XL dog kennel, please let me know!)

I have just had to move this stuff to a new storage area so I decided to sort through it and put as much of it as possible that I can bear to part with on a boot fair.  To my surprise (probably due to recently having been charged extortionate fees on eBay to sell things) its only £10 for a stall at our local boot fair.  I do unfortunately have to be there at 6am on Wednesday morning but still its hopefully going to make me a little bit of money and a lot more space!

I’m even selling a few pairs of my shoes and boots which were bought for very specific outfits at the time but I am never gonna wear again.  (I’m also not going to think about how much they cost me at the time!!)

I’m definitely one for believing that having a good clear out leaves you open to new opportunities and that is what this year is about.  (I once got rid of a load of stuff when I was 16 and then my Granddad gave me a stereo!) So here goes, my first boot fair, Wednesday morning, the guy told us to “bring our rubbish” as others will probably buy it!  Bring it on!


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