My First Psychic Evening

When my mum asked if I wanted to go to a psychic evening I didn’t really know what to expect.  I went to a clairvoyant/tarot reading evening a few years ago that a friend organised, apart from about one thing which could have been a lucky guess I was left rather disenchanted but this was a slightly different experience.  The psychic holding the evening was Stephen Holbrook who we discovered tours around the UK doing these evenings about 25 nights a month, nine months of the year.  He refers to himself as a “Clairaudient” meaning that he hears voices or if the spirit is stood next to him he can hear them whispering in his ear.

As one of my mums clients knows Stephen personally we were introduced to him before the evening began and on first impressions he was a very down to earth friendly person.  I’ll be completely honest, I was still sceptical, having never attending one of these evenings before I decided that I would go with an open mind and see what happened.

What I was not expecting was to be blown away by the energy in the room when he started “channelling”.  He begins his evenings by explaining about himself and how he realised he had his talent.  His first memory of speaking with spirits is when as a young boy he awoke at 4am to find his Granddad sat at the bottom of his bed, his Granddad explained that he had just popped in to say goodbye, not to be scared and to go back to sleep.  He says that he wasn’t scared but did feel immensely sad, when he awoke the following morning a phone call confirmed that his Granddad had passed away during the night, time of death confirmed as 3.55am…

He explained that when he shouted out information he needed people in the room to shout out “yes” if they felt that they could relate to the snippet he had just given, for example “Peter, 25th October” or “Emily, 7th June”.  He started speaking to a woman who had lost her husband, one of the first things he said to her was “he likes your new hair style”, which of course seemed very sweet!  This woman had worn black for the evening and he said to her “He likes you in black doesn’t he?  You’ve worn that deliberately because you hoped he’d be here, haven’t you?” to which she agreed.  He spoke to about six or seven people throughout the evening, noting things that he couldn’t just have “guessed” or researched on the internet before the night began to make it seem real.  (Also as I mentioned, he does these evenings all over the country, the time he would have to take to research just wouldn’t be worth it!)

The most memorable part of the evening for both my mum and I was when he was speaking to a woman who had only lost her husband six weeks earlier.  He said that he was being told something about a pillow, the woman told the room that she had turned her pillow sideways in attempt to make her feel like there was still someone in the bed with her.  He said he was being told to tell her by her husband that “its not me! I’m still with her, I don’t want to leave her, she’s my best friend!”.  Stephen struggled to speak this last part as he was obviously choked by it and I have to confess, mum and I sat with tears streaming down our faces.

I can understand that people would be sceptical and like I said I was when I entered the room.  However, there was no denying the energy in the room and the messages that the people got making the difference to their lives going forward.  One woman was told by the spirit of her husband to “stop fretting about me and look after yourself, I’m fine now and I want you to be happy!”  To which she burst into tears.

I was left with a feeling that it really couldn’t be made up and after the evening had ended we had a chat with Stephen who filled us in on a few more details that he couldn’t mention in front of the audience as it was just too much information to be giving out to a room of 100 strangers.  Stephen had a certain kindness to the people he spoke to that showed he did really care, this made a very large difference to the evening.

I am still sceptical, as well who knows whats really out there, however this was an incredible thing to witness.  I’d be intrigued to know if someone could go along and experience that and not leave with some slight belief


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